dots on legs

So a few weeks ago I bought these awesome huge print polka dot leggings in black & white of course. I was gonna wear them with this dress I had that came in the same print, but they weren’t the same tone of white! Fashion crisis. I was so so sad. I really was. And another bummer note, the leggings stretch super thin so I have to wear them under a longer piece or else everything is gonna show & I literally mean everything. So what’s a girl to do… Wait of course! I swear my best outfit moments come in a rush or when I have weeks & weeks to dream them up. Yesterday was a bit of both. I wanted to wear these leggings so bad but I could figure out how. And I’ve really been wanting to try out the oversized sweater & stacked jewels combo. Welp, yesterday I jumped the gone & threw on all three elements on a breeze & it totally worked great. The outfit was perfect & each thing made the other even better. I stayed home all day in this, which is what I normally do anyway in my outfits. But I felt like a million bucks which made my attitude go through the roof. I love when outfits can do that for a girl. Best feeling ever!








Sweater; H&M Leggings; F21 Booties; F21 Gold Arrow Necklace; F21 Turquoise Teardrop Necklace; F21

Ya know what I don’t like? When necklaces turn around on ya & when your hair appears a darker color than it actually is.

— abbey kay



2 responses to “dots on legs”

  1. Sarmistha Goswami Avatar

    Love the polka leggings. Polka is one of my favorite prints so its quite natural I will absolutely love your outfit! You look very cute too! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Would love it if you drop by my blog as well :

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Aww thanks so much!

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