So I have this friend & her name is Micah. She’s pretty cool & supports my dreams of becoming a rapper. True story. Whenever I lay down a good rhyme she applauds me and says “bars”. She won’t ever tell me what that term means but I like to think it stands for “bad a$$ rapping skills”. Totally makes sense, right? I think so. Well yesterday I went to lunch with some other sweet friends of mine, Camille & Krista. Cam reads my blog, but Krista doesn’t & you shouldn’t read hers either. Just kidding, inside joke she doesn’t have one. But Camille does & you can read it here! Anyway, Camille asked me what today’s outfit was going to be called which lead into me saying “idk, I normally figure it out as I post about it”. Which then lead me to talking about the Micah story above because I had physical bar shapes on my outfit & it totally made sense. So then I told Camille, “that’s what I will call it, bars & I will tell this story.” So that’s what I did. You are all so welcome for the random messy mind I have when I tell stories & talk about my life! Now onto the fashion! I loves this outfit even though I was wearing jeans. Yes, jeans! I hate them & rarely wear them but they worked for yesterday’s outfit. I loved the relaxed look of the jeans paired with the simple gold & black crewneck which I of course wore with a matching black & gold necklace & booties. So simple but cute & that’s the look I’m always going for!








Crewneck; F21 Skinnies; Old Navy Booties; F21 Necklace; Booties

I love my friends & the laughter they can bring into your life! This is totally a bars outfit, huh?

— abbey kay


2 responses to “bars”

  1. Sarmistha Goswami Avatar

    Cool outfit! Love the necklace and the shoes! You look so cute in this outfit! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Do drop by my blog as well :

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