red & black jack

There’s just something about the colors red & black that make me swoon! It may be their fame from the checkers board & game pieces or something else entirely. But these two colors just look so good together! Especially in a plaid format. I bought this XXL red & black men’s flannel last year at target on sale for 16 bucks. It’s huge. Like HUGE guys. I normally wear it with leggings & it’s like walking in a giant blanket all day long. But yesterday I paired it with black jeans & a denim vest to try & give it a little more shape. It worked! I know this because my dad told me, “hey, I like this one today.” Haha my pops often looks at me strangely because of the outfit I out together. His reactions crack me up! But I where what I want & I hardly let his opinions give way to my decisions when it comes to fashion. If he had things his way, ‘d wear turtle necks & baggy boy pants for the rest of my life… No thanks dad! I’ll stick to making the men’s wear look feminine & chic.








Flannel; Target Skinnies; Burlington Coat Factory Denim Vest; Burlington Coat Factory Booties; Kohl’s

The sun was totally in my eyes yesterday which made for cool lighting, but extremely squinty pictures! I’m so bad at closing my eyes in pictures. You’d be surprised how many pictures I have to take just to get a few good ones!

— abbey kay


One response to “red & black jack”

  1. tylerhandmade Avatar

    It does look like checkers 🙂


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