stylin since ’93

Yesterday was one of my best friends “surprise” birthday party & it was the cutest thing ever. Me, being witty & oh so clever dressed perfectly for the occasion. Last week I bought a leather midiskirt & a varsity crop top. I knew I wanted to wear them for her party as soon as I paired them together. But here’s the funny thing I noticed just yesterday, my friend was born in 1993 (21st birthday, woohoo!) & I had a big ole ’93 on my shirt. Haha, funny right? I thought so. But I’m easily amused. Anyway, she was totally surprised & I loved getting to celebrate her for the entire night! Watching her have genuine fun has always been a favorite thing of mine to witness, her smile is just the best! I had a ton of fun catching up with old friends & making new ones too.










Midiskirt; F21 Crop Top; F21 Tights; Ross Booties; F21 Hat; H&M Gold Chain; Repurposed

My hat was definitely a conversation starter throughout the night as well. Silly boys thinking it came from a “costume”. No boys! I wear it all the time. Duh!

— abbey kay


4 responses to “stylin since ’93”

  1. Jordyn Brazil Avatar

    Ah, I’m in looooove with all things midi. Love this look!

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Thanks girl!! I want all the midi skirts!

  2. camilleglanzmann Avatar

    “What costume is that hat from?” YOU ARE WRONG, GUY. IT’S CALLED FASHION!

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Seriously. That guy! Not funny or cool.

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