stylin since ’93

Yesterday was one of my best friends “surprise” birthday party & it was the cutest thing ever. Me, being witty & oh so clever dressed perfectly for the occasion. Last week I bought a leather midiskirt & a varsity crop top. I knew I wanted to wear them for her party as soon as I paired them together. But here’s the funny thing I noticed just yesterday, my friend was born in 1993 (21st birthday, woohoo!) & I had a big ole ’93 on my shirt. Haha, funny right? I thought so. But I’m easily amused. Anyway, she was totally surprised & I loved getting to celebrate her for the entire night! Watching her have genuine fun has always been a favorite thing of mine to witness, her smile is just the best! I had a ton of fun catching up with old friends & making new ones too.










Midiskirt; F21 Crop Top; F21 Tights; Ross Booties; F21 Hat; H&M Gold Chain; Repurposed

My hat was definitely a conversation starter throughout the night as well. Silly boys thinking it came from a “costume”. No boys! I wear it all the time. Duh!

— abbey kay

4 responses to “stylin since ’93”

  1. Ah, I’m in looooove with all things midi. Love this look!

    1. Thanks girl!! I want all the midi skirts!

  2. “What costume is that hat from?” YOU ARE WRONG, GUY. IT’S CALLED FASHION!

    1. Seriously. That guy! Not funny or cool.

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