dress to impress

I don’t really live by a motto in life, but if I did it would be the title of this blog post! Seriously. It seems like “dress to impress” should be something you shouldn’t even have to think about! But you’d be surprised how many times I have thought to myself ‘what the freaking heck were they thinking this morning’ when I’ve seen someone’s outfit. This might sound mean. Like self-absorbed mean. But I’m not talking about “oh that’s not my style” or “that’s not even in-style” thoughts. What I mean is women & girls not knowing how to dress either for occasion or for their body type. It’s a maddening thing that’s going on & I can’t contain myself any longer! Ladies, dress right. That’s all I ask! Know your body. Love your body. And dress correctly for your body. Your size & shape do not matter when it comes to looking good. I mean look at me, I ain’t no size 8, but I accentuate what I have & use it to work it & make me look good. Okay, that was a self absorbed moment. But, it’s true. And once you know your body type & become comfortable with yourself, you’ll be able to know when it is or isn’t okay to wear something! Jeans are not always the answer, a black skinny pant is much more flattering. A pony tail is an okay look, but comb your hair girl! Hats are okay to wear in public too, but it’s not an excuse to not do your hair at all! Sweats are not cool ever, because leggings are the exact same thing & way cheaper too! I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help y’all up your game! Fashion should be simple, yet chic. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Don’t always wear what makes you comfortable. Don’t dress like nobody is watching (because they are). Don’t dress to impress anyone but yourself because you’re the one who will make or break your daily confidence. And girl, we all know we love how we look more so in a dress than in yoga pants.









Button Up; Kohl’s Dress; F21 Tights; Target Booties; F21 Necklace; F21

I loved this outfit yesterday & it was just two simple pieces. A dress & a button up, so perfect!

— abbey kay


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    Ok, sorry, bad pun. ( ._.) lol


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