14 things I love

Guys. I wore colors yesterday. Bright happy loud lovey, dovey colors!! But I only did it because today is Valentine’s day & I wanted an outfit to go with today’s love filled theme. I think I pretty much nailed it too!! Today is all about love & heart shaped things & flowers & sappy cards & things that I don’t know a bit about. But I don’t have a love. I don’t like hearts really, they’re kinda bloody. Cards are only cool if you write them yourself. And flowers die. Hah, I’m such a happy person! As you can tell, I have never been into this “holiday” but I’m playing along for all my love filled followers today. So, to join on in, I’m gonna tell you 14 things I love while simultaneously showing you my outfit from yesterday. Okay. Ready, set, love!


1. I love the smell of Georgia rain. I always have since I was a kid. If you haven’t experienced, do it!
2. I love my eyelash curler. Silly, I know. But that thing makes my lashes fly!


3. I love good friends. The ones that you don’t see for a month or two, but you both know everything is alright. I love the friends I see all the time though too!
4. I love seeing my grandpa smile. It makes me smile. He’s my favorite person in the whole world.


5. I love a good movie. One that you can watch over & over & over again without getting bored with it. My go to’s are, Bride Wars, Life As We Know It, The Back Up Plan, One Day, & currently, About Time. (Go watch em, they’re great!)
6. I love my grandma’s chocolate cake. It is seriously so good. I could eat the entire thing by myself if someone gave me a gallon of milk to go with it.


7. Currently loving drinking tea! Which is huge for me. I’m all about Green Tea Tropical made by Mighty Leaf Tea right now.
8. I love watching How I Met Your Mother. It’s the best show ever & I watch at least one episode of it a day. I can’t get enough, they just embody life through such great comedy. Check it out if you haven’t.


9. I love when someone remembers something about you or something that’s going on in your life. I think that’s my love language, when someone pays attention when they don’t really have to.
10. I love how generous both of my parents are. Without them I literally would have nothing. Well, nothing & about 40 coffee mugs.


11. I love mugs! As you can tell from above, I sorta collect them. They’re just so amazing! I need them all!
12. I love colors. Though I don’t wear them too often, just imagine life with no colors. How boring would that be?


13. I love that you can usually read emotion on my face. Because if you couldn’t, then no one would ever ask and I would never tell.
14. I love chicken fingers. (Yeah, let’s end with a good one Abbey.) I just do, they’re sorta my weakness. That, & pizza & donuts!


Dress; H&M Red Tie Blouse; F21 Tights; Target Flats; F21

BONUS: I love all of you. If it weren’t for y’all, I wouldn’t be able to be doing what I love! So thanks for all the love & support. Happy Valentine’s Day!

— abbey kay


2 responses to “14 things I love”

  1. Jordyn Brazil Avatar

    Yo, I wanna see your mug collection. I’m obsessed, tooooooo

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      I’ll have to take a pic & show you sometime. I have SO many!!

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