camo tie

Okay. I have something to confess. I lie to you guys sometimes. I really really do. Because sometimes the outfits I post aren’t exactly what I wore for the entire day! Sometimes I throw a quick something on to tie the look all together right before I snap the picks. I’m sorry guys, I just had to confess! Like yesterday, I wore this outfit all day, but I threw on or rather tied on my camo hoodie for the picture. Truth is, I love this trend but I’m never brave enough to wear it outside my house. But I thought it would look cool with this outfit so I has to give it a try! Sometimes a picture can boost your confidence & these ones totally did! Now I feel like I could actually wear this trend somewhere other than my front yard. Okay though, no more lying! I promise! I’ll just get to the pictures now.









Tee; H&M Leggings; Walmart Booties; F21 Vest; F21 Hoodie; Burlington Coat Factory Necklace; F21

Doesn’t the hoodie tie it all together?!? Literally.

— abbey kay


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