m is for monday

Everybody hates Mondays & that is just a cultural truth. It means going back to work & the start of a long week & nobody likes that. I actually really like working on Mondays because I enjoy routine. The reason I hate Mondays though is because they’re usually my worst outfit days. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I always end up hating my outfits on Mondays. Strangest thing right? But this week I didn’t, I just hated how the pictures turned out. This Monday I liked my outfit & thought it was super witty that I randomly was wearing a big “M” on my shirt. It was a comfy & cute all black & white outfit perfect for starting the week out just right.








M Tee; F21 Leggings; Hello Apparel Necklace; F21 Booties; Ross

Fashion reminder: when wearing a chain necklace, remember that you can adjust the length to fit the outfit! I tend to always that just because I bought a long chain necklace doesn’t mean I always have to wear it long. Adjust it girl! That way you can layer, or switch up your looks with the same piece!

— abbey kay


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