fresh love

Do you ever feel like you wasted an outfit? Kinda like people may waste “the good surprise” on someone whose birthday party it is not. I feel like this all the time! Like I should have saved this dress for that occasion or that shirt would have gone way better with this outfit. I’m an avid outfit waster which probably has something to do with my uncontrollable second guessing… But shhh, we don’t need to elaborate on that! Anyways, this past Saturday I had on a great adventure outfit which consisted of a “cool” shirt, a trendy jacket, some hardly ever worn boots, & a pair of pants that I thought didn’t fit me anymore. I was dressed to the tee, literally for an outing. Wanna know what I did instead? Stayed in my house all day & ate food & watch movies with my mom, brother, & sister-in-law. I seriously only left my house to walk outside to take my outfit pictures. It was pretty pathetic. But honestly, it was quite nice. Did I end up wasting the coolest shirt like ever by just letting the four walls of my living room view it? Yes. But hanging out with my family was the best adventure I could have had that day because it’s always an adventure when I hang out with them.







Fresh Love Tee; H&M Corduroy Pants; Old Navy Grey Cargo Jacket; Macy’s Boots; F21

Isn’t those tee awesome?!? It is. It just is. I was holding it out for the just right occasion to reveal it. Oops…

— abbey kay


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