a little bit of color love

I love t-shirts. They’re the best thing in my wardrobe currently. They’re just so comfy & stretchy & they hold the ability to express whatever you want the world to know about you in one simple look or phrase. Think about it. That’s a lot of pressure for a single tee to live up too, huh? To express you entirely by a mere glance. It’s true though. T-shirts are completely different than a plain shirt of blouse. A t-shirt talks. It’s talks by it’s print. It’s talks by it’s graphics. It talks by it’s tone. A t-shirt can have an entire conversation with a passerby & not a word has to be spoken. Some of my favorite tees that talk are by the online small business, Hello Apparel. They’re from Arizona & they make some of the best graphic tees around. Their known by their famous cursive “hello” logo printed on tees & crewnecks. Lately, they’ve been broadening their products & have been designing for holidays & using other types of graphics/phrases. Their latest hit is a simple white tee with a giant red heart smack in the middle of it for Valentine’s Day. Such a bold thing to wear quite honestly. But me being a loyal customer, I bought it of course. And upon arrival I instantly loved it. Spoiler! I love all their tees, let’s be real. So I styled the tee & cannot wait to wear it again & in a completely different way. This tee doesn’t just shout “hey, I’m a big red heart in the middle of your chest that represents a holiday filled with candy, cards, & stuffed cheesy bears, & I suppose some love too.” Haha to me, this tee screams color. I never wear much color, but here it is. A big love shaped blob of color. Maybe one day it’ll represent actually “love” in my life. But until then, it just says color.








Grey Waterfall Cardigan; H&M Skinnies; Burlington Coat Factory Moto Booties; Ross Vest; F21 Heart Tee; Hello Apparel Leather Turban Headband; Monroe & Harlow

I threw my hair into this random masterpiece right before the pictures were taken! I think it totally suits the look! What do you think? Let me know below!

— abbey kay


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