crewneck pretties

I love wearing crewneck sweatshirts & that should come as no surprise. There’s just something great about taking a comfy piece of clothing & wearing it in a fashionable way. Comfy & cute!? That’s so my jam. It’s the easiest thing to style as well! Pair it with some leggings & bootie a & you’re done. Throw it on with some dark denim jeans & white chucks & you’re a looker. Tuck it into a skirt & add some stacked jewels & you can walk out the door. That’s the route I took yesterday. I wore my favorite maroon crewneck from Forever 21 & paired it with a denim mini skirt. The icing on the outfit was the jewelry I chose for sure though. I have this black & gold triangle bib necklace that I adore but I hate how much a choker it is sometimes. I personally only think those types of necklaces look good if they’re laid over your shirt, not collar bone. So my crafty mind came up with the though to clasp it onto my gold chain necklace to lengthen it. Score! It totally worked & you can’t even tell I did it! I added one more shorter black & gold necklace & my stacked jeweled we’re complete. I definitely think this trio necklace made a statement. The colors & textures looked great on the maroon crewneck, it’s one of my favorite color schemes! Anyway, don’t be afraid to wear sweatshirts in an outfit. As long as you dress em up, they’re ain’t no shame in the crewneck game.







Crewneck; F21 Skirt; Macy’s Leggings; H&M Booties; Kohl’s Triangle Necklace; F21 Spike Necklace; F21 Gold Chain; Repurposed

Not sure I liked the denim skirt in the end! But it worked as an outfit for my day off!

— abbey kay


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