beauty talks: naked 3 palette

So if you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been swooning over the new Naked 3 palette for quite some time. You also know then that I just bought it earlier this week! Yay! The colors are just so pretty, I can’t think of any other way to describe them. I’ve been using the Naked 2 palette made by Urban Decay since September & the earthy browns go great with my deep brown eyes. This new palette has more pinks & rosey colors to it. Normally I wouldn’t wear these colors but they have a gold base & that goes great with brown eyes in my opinion. Anyway, I couldn’t wait to start using Naked 3 so here are the first two looks I created with it.


See! Just SO pretty!


So I normally start my eyes off with a shadow primer. I use Eye Shadow Potion Primer by Urban Decay in Sin. It has a shimmer tint to it & I love that in a primer, at least for the eyes.


Then I dove into the shadow! I have a wide eye area, brow bone & all. This allows for me to spread out the colors & use them in a more defining way. I took DUST & dusted them over the entire eye, eyelid to brow bone. Then I took NOONER & applied it in the crease of my eyes. I normally do like an upside down Nike symbol in my crease (bigger on outside, smaller to inside). If that makes sense hah. Then I took FACTORY & put it in the inner cream of my eye. Last, I took BURNOUT & just barely put it on the edge of my brow bone.


I blended it all in, & applied my eyeliner in my signature cateye. It looks weird when my eyes are closed, I know!

BAM! That’s what it looks like all done. I really liked these colors with nude lips which I wore in the morning. And then it even looked good with wine colored lips which I wore in the evening. So this was day one using the Naked 3 palette, which was yesterday. Now I’ll show you what I did today.


Today, I started with my eye shadow primer & then applied BURNOUT all over from eyelid to brow bone. I usually like starting with a single shimmer base, but that’s just my preference. I used to only wear one color of shimmer & that’s it. I’ve just recently started playing with blending colors & such. I like doing both. Next I applied DARKSIDE in the crease, again with the upside down Nike sign shape. Then I took MUGSHOT (suck funny names, lol) & placed it on the inner lower lid. My finally & favorite part of today’s look was taking the color TRICK & blending it on my brow bone heavily. It’s such a rich & full color! Definitely my favorite so far!


Here it is with eyeliner!


Here it is all done! Let’s recap…

LOOK #1 (Two different lip colors)



LOOK #2 (Hair up/hair down)



These pics are so silly! I’m not a make-up pro by any means. I envy so many women’s make-up looks other than my own. This was just a quick(ish) post about the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette & I hope you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to play with it some more & grow my make-up abilities. Thanks for letting me share!


— abbey kay


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