dark stripes

Sometimes I have no idea what to wear for the day. Shocker, right? And sometimes I don’t have time to just stand in my room staring at my closet for hours trying to figure it out. Sometimes I literally have to just throw things on & not question the outcome. Sometimes happened yesterday. I didn’t end up getting dressed until midday because I woke up late & the babies I watch got dropped off early & when you watch babies they tend rule everything around you. So I didn’t even get ready until like 1 o’clock. For most of you that sounds like a dream, but not for me! I hate not getting ready right when I wake up. I don’t feel awake until I get ready. I’m weird. I already know this though. But right when I finished my make-up & hair yesterday the baby woke up & I had to literally throw an outfit on. (I feel like a mom half the time!!!) So this outfit is the outcome of a busy, busy day. Haha & I don’t know what else to say about it!








Dress; F21 Crewneck; H&M Leggings; Burlington Coat Factory Booties; Kohl’s Necklace; F21

Sorry the quality of each photo is so different! The lighting was horrible yesterday & my camera was being weird! Also, I felt so weird doing my hair like this! Pinning back my bangs was so out of my element.

— abbey kay


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