boho me

Wanna know something super crazy? I didn’t wear black yesterday. Not a single bit of it. Weird right. WHO AM I?! I’m still Abbey guys, don’t worry. But I wanted to dress different yesterday & I feel like I succeeded. I started with a blue maxi dress & threw on a mustard yellow oversized sweater. I was like nope, too much color. But then I finished putting on my face & fixing my hair up & I felt like I could manage this look for the day. Then I stacked some jewels, because I’m obsessed with this trend lately & I was like yep, I’m good. But my curiosity to creativity kept going & I dug up my old handmade lace headband that I literally have worn like once. I tied it around my middle parted curled hair & omg, I created a ravishing bohemian princess. I’m not gonna be as bold to say that I looked good, but dang this outfit was so different from my norm, that I looked good doing it. This outfit gave me the confidence I needed to run errands in a part of town that I tend to avoid because of the fear of who I may run into. Which is like no one ever, let’s be real. We’re always afraid of seeing someone while we’re out & we hardly ever do. Haha my brain has nerd freak outs about thirds things so sorry for joining you in on them. Anyway, this outfit yesterday was so not me, but made me feel like I could be anyone that I wanted to be. At least for the day. Funny how something like an outfit can honestly do that to you… Don’t worry, I’m back to my black & dark colors today. But for at least yesterday, I was a bohemian princess & I was perfectly okay with that.









Sweater; H&M Dress; F21 Booties; F21 Headband; Handmade Arrow Necklace; F21 Bronze Necklace; F21 Wooden Geometric Necklace;

I think every girl should feel like a princess & not just on their wedding day!

— abbey kay






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