flower punk power

Yesterday I wanted to take a cool boots & legging pic. I wanted to so bad. Ya know, that one where the people pose on their bed & take a breathtaking (as breathtaking as feet & legs can be) & let the natural lighting from their window capture the essence of the awkward positioning. Yeah, it didn’t work. At all. I suck at posed photography, especially when it comes to my huge legs & feet. Haha don’t laugh. We all do it. We live in the world of selfies & trying to it do the next person in Instagram likes. So yesterday I tried just that & totally failed. This forced myself into creating an outfit off a pair of leggings & shoes. Which is like the hardest thing in life to do. Like ever. But somehow I did it. After many take on’s & take off’s of different shirts, vests, sweaters, & accessories. But I nailed it & the outcome was Spector bizarre. I felt like I was trying to rock my all black look but the fricken floral leggings just threw it all off. But I already had my shoes on & was not, so NOT gonna take my pants off. Haha weird post.. Whatev. You can handle the truth. So I ended with what I like to call “flower punk power” because that basically looks what I’m trying to do here especially because of my turban headband. So dark but so hippie. Being a punky little flower child was what I felt like yesterday. Don’t ya think? Today I’m all bohemian looking & I don’t know what’s comin over me! Fashion mid-season crisis? Possibly, but I like it!








Raglan Tee; F21 Leggings; F21 Booties; Kohl’s Vest; F21 Turban Headband; Monroe & Harlow

These pics were too cool yesterday. Thanks for following & reading up on my day to day life. I’m a nerd but I’m glad you all like me enough to stick around! Have a good Saturday y’all!

— abbey kay


2 responses to “flower punk power”

  1. dcmaxey Avatar

    I love all of your outfits but I think this is my favorite! You have great style. & I’m not sure if you know who Shay Mitchell is, but you look like her here.

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Aww thank you! I looked her up!! I love that you think I look like her, thanks so much!!

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