don’t boss me tee

Yesterday I wore this tee that I got from an online site called Kinship Goods. I snagged it up on sale before they closed their shop for a few weeks while they move warehouses. I been eyeing their tees, hoodies, & mugs (yes, mugs!) for quite a few months now. But figured sale time was best time to get one of their pieces in my wardrobe. It wasn’t one of my original tees I had wanted but I love the one I chose. It’s the softest tee ever & I can’t get enough of the graphics on it. It’s just different. That’s my favorite thing about buying from small business’s, it’s someone’s hard hand work going into each piece. They literally put their blood, sweat, & tears into each item they sell & I totally support that idea. Plus they always print on such good quality tees that the extra cost is worth it to me. Check out their site (once they re-boot) & buy stuff!









Tee; Kinship Goods Flannel; JC Penny Outlet Leggings; Ross Boots; Sears Socks; F21 Beanie; Krochet Kids

The tee says “Don’t boss me. Don’t cross me.” Haha I love it, those are both things you should avoid doing when dealing with me! Just a heads up world!

— abbey kay


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