poi: b&w stripes

So I never leave my house. Like ever. Except to go to church basically & run like my two errands a week. I work from home. I like to eat at home. I spend my weekends at home. I just like being home, okay! And I have the worlds biggest panic attack every time I’m supposed to leave my house & go out in public because I have this fear of seeing people. Doesn’t matter if I know these people or not, I hate seeing people. Which is kind of a hrs thing to avoid considering the world is filled with them. Except, wanna know a secret? I really have this weird desire to be out all the time. I love to do the hipster thing in life & go to local stores, coffee shops, & local restaurants. I’m a sucker for supporting other people’s dreams. Where is this post going crazy lady?! I don’t know… Yesterday I got to check out this new coffee shop on the other side of town (the scary party of town because it isn’t my house part of town). I went despite my fear of seeing people, which I saw a lot of obviously. But I got to catch up with my dear friend Sarah who I have like not seen at all since I was in her weddings back in October. It makes me so sad to say that! I love that girl. And we used to go to coffee together weekly. Literally every single Wednesday. It was the best filler upper people interaction of my week! What does that mean? It meant she fed my soul. It meant that being in her company for just a few short hours every week was what allowed me to survive until the next week where we’d coffee date again. We could talk for hours about whatever. About life, about Jesus, about boys, yeah boys… It was what I needed & I’ve missed that. Yesterday was just like old times. I needed her yesterday. I needed her conversation & silly personality yesterday. I’m so glad she’s my friend & that I get to live life with her! Even if it’s a once every few months kind of thing. Which we vowed yesterday to make it happen more often. I guess what I’m saying is, that I hate people. Haha I just said that. I hate people. But we need people. Look around, you wouldn’t survive a day without another person. Even the mean barista that annoyed you this morning. You still needed her to make your coffee. We need people. And Jesus knew that when He gave us friends. I’m so glad that even though I fear people, Jesus gave me a few of them in my life that get me & want to take the time to invest into my life. Thank you Jesus for Sarah!


Oh & yesterday’s outfit was another one found off of Pinterest. Here’s the original & here’s my rendition of it!







Top; H&M Pants; Burlington Coat Factory Boots; Ross Necklace; F21

P.S. I took my own outfit pics yesterday which can be pretty difficult sometimes. But the cool clouds in the background made the lighting awesome & I think they turned out okay!

— abbey kay

Also! If you’re local to the Reno/Sparks area check out Coffeebar in downtown Reno! Just great coffee & service! (It’s won’t let me link their FB page :/)


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