i’m blue..

It’s safe to say that I didn’t like yesterday’s outfit, like at all. Sure, it looked cute & was put together well. But I felt like a cowgirl gettin all ready to go to a square dance thing or whatever. It musta been the boots! These were my favorite things last winter but not so much this year. I just didn’t feel me while wearing this outfit. But it was a Monday & I watch babies all day from the comfort of my home so I didn’t care. I. Didn’t. Care. What did I just say? Normally I go into a panic identity attack when I don’t like my outfit for the day. But I didn’t yesterday & that was kinda awesome. Don’t know how it happened. Maybe it was because I had a super Jesus filled weekend where I focused my thoughts, conversations, & genuine intentions on Him. Maybe it’s because God is good & he’s constantly meeting us where we’re at & not forcing us to change before going before Him. Maybe it’s because He’s patient & kind & gracious enough to love us in our imperfections. I don’t know exactly what stopped me from freaking out about my outfit which would have resulted in a downward depressed day. But I do know that Jesus gives us passions in life & we as humans focus on those passions too intently sometimes to where they become our worshipped idols. My idol is fashion & the pressure to have every single outfit be a success because I have people who follow & count on me! But perfection is not reality. I could never be perfect & that is why I freak out. But Jesus has the power to give us a peace & calming over our little freak out moments. Which is cool, because how the heck would I get through life or even each day without that. He’s there in every little moment of my life. Whether I’m wearing blue or feeling blue, He’s always there.







Dress; H&M Leggings; H&M Plaid Shirt; H&M Boots; Store In Local Mall

I think my unlove for this outfit definitely shows in my face! I just was not feeling it.

— abbey kay





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