red & plaid skirt

Okay, when I go shopping I tend to never buy things that are over $15. I just think that the majority of things are not worth more than that especially cause I do buy them at cheaper places. Of course I have my exceptions like on things such as shoes, jackets, or bags. But other than that I will almost always put something back & not even try it on if it is over 15 bucks. I have to really, really, like really love something to even try it on if it’s over my budget. You get the picture, I shop cheap & buy cheap, which is how I save a ton to buy a ton. That’s the method to my madness. But sometimes it’s kinda a silly reasoning as to not try something on… Two weeks ago I a saw this perfect, just perfect dress at Forever 21. It had a red & black plaid skirt attached to a black tank top. It caught my eye & I did my usual price tag search. Found the darn thing flipped it over & saw $17.50 on it. I was like nope, it’s over my 15 dollar limit, I just can’t. But the other voice in my head was like dude abbey, it’s only 2 dollars over & you know you can work that dress into so many different outfits. I like that conflicting voice sometimes, I was like dude you’re right & I snagged it & ran to try it on. Just kidding, I don’t run at all & I think I looked around the store a bit more. But then I went & tried it on. Holy dresses of all my dresses, it was a sweetly perfect fit & obviously I bought it cause I’m blogging about it right now. I paired a Forever 21 gold studded crew neck & some booties & tights with it & wore it to church yesterday.







Dress; F21 Crewneck; F21 Tights; Ross Booties; Kohl’s

Wanna know a fashion trick? I actually tucked the crewneck up & under itself so that it didn’t cut off the shape of my waist. Mix around & play with your clothes. You don’t always have to wear them exactly how they come!

Also, my baby cousin told me to do this next pose… She’s obsessed with doing this these days & I have no idea what it means. Does that make me *gasp* old?!?


— abbey kay


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