long black dress

Have you ever tried something on in a store & known full well that it only sorta fits you, but you bought it anyway because you loved it so much. Yeah, I do that all the time. Sometimes things are just too good to pass up & my thoughts are that I can always tweak it to work out. Yesterday I really wanted to wear my new black & white striped maxi dress because I had a baby shower to attend & that’s just the perfect excuse to get to wear a cute dress. So I threw it on & felt it gave me great shape all around. Until the side view… Gross. Ya know, that part of the stomach that no girl likes to look at because she just can’t “stomach” how bad it looks? Yeah, that thang was just too apparently visible in this dress for me to feel comfortable enough to wear. So I was like nope. Not happening today & not until I’m 15 pounds lighter. Haha I’m being real guys… So I then threw on this other long sleeved black maxi dress & the same thing happened. I was like noooo, my day is ruined! Especially cause I discovered this dress was completely see through, like completely ladies! I wanted to dramatically cry & yell at someone. I didn’t. I just worked my fashion trickery & put on a black muscle tee to cover the see through no-no spots & a grey jean vest to distract from the unwanted side view. It worked! I was so stoked & my sis in law couldn’t even tell that it was two separate pieces, she said it looked like one dress. Success! Sometimes what we buy doesn’t always work for our body types despite how perfect the piece may be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear it & feel completely comfortable doing so. Fashion is about wearing what you want, being who you are, & feeling comfortable in your own skin while doing it.



Black Maxi Dress; H&M Muscle Tee; F21 Tights; Ross Boots; Store In Mall Vest; F21 Necklace; F21

Isn’t this dress just perfect? Especially with the small slit on the one side! Now you know why I couldn’t just let it slip through my grasp!

— abbey kay


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