simple fashion

Fashion can be simple. It really can be guys. All an outfit takes to be complete is one statement piece that just makes people wish they were wearing what you got on. I’m serious. Think about it. What makes you like someone else’s outfit? It’s the one thing they’re wearing that they “pull of” that you think you could never ever do. You just need to think of one “it” thing to wear with every outfit & you’ll be golden. Everyone will be wanting to rock the outfit you’re struttin around in. Sometimes that means stepping out of your normal routine & wearing a pattern or print instead of a solid shirt. Just by doing this you’ll definitely step up your outfit game & make everyone think you’re a fashionista baller. No joke.


Here’s a silly (photoshopped) example, but it proves my point! The patterned top is way cuter than the plain tops. I love black & solids, but they don’t always do the trick. Buy patterns ladies, they never disappoint!



Top; F21 Leggings; Target Waterfall Cardigan; H&M Booties; Kohl’s

Diamonds don’t ever hurt a wardrobe either! I love love love this top from Forever & just about died when I saw it! Perfect colors, pattern, & shape!

— abbey kay


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