hello apparel & striped beanies

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time then you know I absolutely LOVE Hello Apparel & you know that I own about a zillion of their shirts & sweaters. Yep. It’s true. They’ve got me swooning over their simple “hello” trademark design. I just like it a lot okay, & in every single color too. Yesterday’s tee of choice was camo & that is my favorite accent lately because it looks so great with black. It’s honestly shocking to me that over half of my closet is full of such colorful clothes & I somehow manage to only wear the black & dark pieces. I’m okay with it though. Black is slimming, right? Kinda.. Not really. I don’t feel like it is at least. It’s just sometimes not distracting enough. But ya know what is? My absolute favorite black & white striped beanie that my sister in law got me for my birthday!! I love it so much & am super stoked to finally have it in one of my outfit pictures. It just completed yesterday’s outfit & gave it just what it needed to make it feel put together. Thanks Shelbs for the best gift ever!









Camo Hello Tee; Hello Apparel Flannel; Target Leggings; Target Booties; Sears Beanie; F21

These shots are awesome. Thanks to my momma who takes my pics almost every single day with my canon! You can really tell the difference, check out my lashes!

— abbey kay


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