comfy fashion

Let’s talk about comfy fashion. Sometimes you are just freezing cold all night & wake up wanting to be wrapped in a blanket all day but you know in reality that really isn’t possible sadly… That was me yesterday. Frozen solid when I awoke because my dad says turning off the heater saves money. It was a horrible experience. I literally could only sleep with tw covers tucked all the way around me head. My dad learned his lesson though because my mom & I had restless nights which resulted in my him turning on the heater the next night because he’s a smart man & didn’t want to deal with two grumpy women again the next day. Anyway, sometimes you just need an outfit that feels like a giant blanket, but it’s acceptable to society. That was this outfit. Grandmas sweater, white tee, & printed leggings. I could sleep in this outfit & I definitely wanted to all day long.







Sweater; Grandma’s Closet Leggings; Gift Boots; Ross Tee; H&M

Also, I rediscovered my love for nude lips! Still searching for the perfect shade though…

— abbey kay





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