death star dress

Let’s talk about my new dress that I got at Forever 21 last weekend for only 4 dollars. It’s a black cotton dress with white hand drawn looking white stars all over it. When I first saw this dress I was so shocked that I liked it because I normally don’t like stars on clothes at all. Unless it’s the 4th of July of course. I just think the pattern can seem so tacky & childish. Ya know what I mean? Like rainbows & unicorns & mystical things. Haha, I don’t know. That’s just how my head has always viewed the shape. But I loved this dress! The pattern was so different than anyone I had honestly seen. I was like I cannot believe I’m buying this! But I did & it was the cutest dress ever yesterday with a pair of simple black tights & tan booties. I call it my Death Star dress even thigh I think Star Wars is lame. But I looked deathly good in this dress & it has stars on it. So that name is perfect, right? Yes.








Dress; F21 Tights; Target Booties; F21 Necklace; F21

This outfit is just too fierce to handle. Every girl should have an outfit that they feel unpredictable in. I sure know this outfit gave me unbelievable amounts of confidence yesterday & my swagger walk in it definitely showed. Haha I just said swagger! But it’s a thing guys, like an old word thing! Look it up.

— abbey kay


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