stripes & sisters

Let’s talk about late night blogging just for the sake of it. Sometimes my days get so busy & are nonstop to where I don’t even have a second to sit down & look at social media. Saddening, I know. That’s how I measure the day, how much I checked out Instagram. Which was none today. Literally did not look at it a single time since I woke up. How lame! Not that I didn’t look at silly selfies & scenic views all day, but that I ACTUALLY NOTICED that I hadn’t looked at it all day. Like, that’s what my thought was about today. That’s dumb guys. But it’s true for a lot of us. We are run by social media. I’m so run by it that I’m writing a blog post about it at 11 o’clock at night because I feel the need, the literal NEED to have to share my outfit that I wore yesterday. The addiction is real & it’s a struggle. But I’m working on it… With that all said, “here’s my outfit from yesterday” because y’all wouldn’t have survive if I had skipped a day, right? I know, probably not.





Top; H&M Maxi Skirt; H&M Booties; Kohl’s Necklace; Repurposed


Okay, in all honesty & truth, I also wrote this post to show you how cute my sister-in-laws outfit was yesterday too. I so want her crewneck & her blue floral leggings!!! My bro thought her outfit looked “weird”. We don’t like him very much. She only married him to be closer to me! True story. I’m kidding. Maybe.. Haha both her top & bottom are from Forever 21. I’m crushin hard on it!

— abbey kay


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