tiger tees & confidence

Let’s talk about how nice it is to be a girl for a sec. It’s true. Think about it. As girls we can carry this power & confidence in our lives & wear it like it’s the years latest trend. I’m not talking about feministic power or equality or whatever political thing you back up. I’m talking about our physical presence. There’s just something about a girl who can walk into a room & make a statement without saying anything at all. And guess what? She doesn’t have to be the skinniest, “prettiest”, or fittest thing in the world to do it either. As a blogger, I put a lot of myself out there for others to see, to know, & to honestly criticize or be in awe of. As a fashion blogger, I mainly put out my body for you all to see. Every. Single. Day. You see what I wear. You see my shape. You see my biggest insecurity though you don’t know it. I’ve had so many followers comment on my “body confidence” when I wear different outfits from day to day. But the truth is, I’m not confident about my body at all. I’ve never liked my body, & honestly what girl truly does? But it’s my body & it was made to have every single curve & roll & pound attached to it. There’s only one thing you truly own in life, your body. So love it. Wear your body with confidence. Be the girl who walks into a room & every head turns because she loves the skin she’s in. I don’t always feel like going out into the world because of my body size. I’m being honest. I hide behind my clothes. I hide behind the fashion. I hide behind the compliments I receive on my “cute outfit” or “pretty make-up”. I mean, if they’re noticing the pretty things on me, they won’t actually notice my bigger body. That’s the honest truth that revels in my mind. And it’s okay to not be happy with how you look. But you can either change it or embrace it. I choose to embrace it & hope I have the strength to maybe change it one day. But I’m not gonna look any different tomorrow so why be down about it? All I’m saying is you are who you are so wear confidence & maybe a cool tiger tee & you’ll be set to silence any room you walk into!!







Tiger Tee; F21 Skirt; Target Tights; Ross Booties; F21 Kimono Sweater; H&M

I felt so beautiful & awesome when I wore this. And it was mainly because of these pictures (because high to low skirts are like kites in the wind when you walk). Normally I hate pictures of myself. Silly thing for a fashion blogger to say, huh? But it shows my “size” & I hate it. But this outfit gave me confidence & these pictures helped to show that. Wear confidence ladies, it totally works as a girls best accessory!

— abbey kay


One response to “tiger tees & confidence”

  1. camilleglanzmann Avatar

    i ❤ your face and your heart.

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