diamonds & new boots

Let’s talk about this outfit I wore yesterday. It’s all from Forever 21, & not a single thing was over 15 bucks. I actually got the whole get up for less than $40! I didn’t buy it all at once, but it goes to show that dressing well isn’t expensive, you just gotta know how to do it! Don’t buy expensive, shop sales, & shop constantly. Shopping is honestly a hobby for me, I love it as you can probably tell. But I don’t always buy stuff when I go or sometimes it’s one or two things. The reason I find stuff at stores is because I constantly am going to them just not always walking away successfully. Did you know that Forever 21 gets a new shipment of merchandise in every single day? I’m serious, every day they get new clothes & they purposefully move them around the store from room to room & create new displays. This stresses a lot of you out, but don’t be stressed to get dressed! (See what I did there?) Building a wardrobe takes time & effort & if you do it right, very little money. So take your time at each store you shop. Look, touch, take things off the rack! This is why I normally go shopping by myself because it’s a time to escape the world & just focus on yourself. Shopping should help make you confident about who you are, not stress you out. So next time you walk into a store & you start to feel overwhelmed, just remember these three tips:

1.Try everything you “kinda” like on, you may be surprised.
2. Try things you don’t like on, it may be the best purchase ever.
3. There’s no rule to shopping or style, just try it on!!!







Oh yeah! But the main point of this post was supposed to be my new boots! I got them this weekend on sale for 11 bucks & in love the gold heel detailing they have! Totally goes great with my .99¢ gold triangle necklace! Also, I tried some “real model” poses with my self timer yesterday just for fun!



Go shopping this weekend ladies & try e v e r y t h i n g ON! It’s fun being a girl, don’t take that for granted!

— abbey kay


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