handkerchief pattern

Let’s talk about the best pair of patterned leggings that have crossed my path lately! They’re from Forever 21 of course & they are handkerchief patterned! The best! I saw them & had to have them because…

1. They’re leggings & I live in those things.
2. They’re black & white & that is my current jam.
3. They’re handkerchief patterned people, who wouldn’t want them wrapped around their legs!?!

So I bought em & they were awesome & my mom tried to buy the same pair but I wouldn’t let her. Because mom’s can’t be 21 forever. Haha. I also happened to find a muscle tank with “one of a kind” in handkerchief pattern at Forever 21 & swooped it up as well. Because…

1. It’s black & white.
2. I ❤ muscle tanks.
3. It's witty when you buy similar pieces & wear them together.
4. It's also witty when a shirt from a franchise says something like "one of a kind" because clearly it's not, right Macklemore?
5. I just wanted to make another numbered list.
6. You're welcome.

Anyway, I paired my two whimsical pieces with a black & white (shocker) quilted varsity jacket, my black suede booties, & my leather turban headband from Monroe & Harlow. Seriously, y’all should check out her site if you haven’t. Best headbands ever made!








Tank; F21 Leggings; F21 Jacket; F21 Booties; Kohl’s Headband; Monroe & Harlow

(My dad took these & I L O V E how they turned out. He’s a pro with my camera.)

— abbey kay


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