poi: sweatshirt glam

Let’s talk about sweatshirts & how they can be glamorous. I remember back in high school when I played softball we would have to wear sweats on game days. All the girls on my team would say I looked fashionable even in a sweatshirt & sweatpants & they always wondered how I did it. Well, ladies there’s no trick to it. A sweatshirt can look good, it’s just depends on how you wear it. Yesterday for my last day of my Pinterest outfit challenge I wore a crew neck sweatshirt. The original outfit had a sweatshirt with an American flag on it & I knew I had a similar colored one with stripes. I was stoked to copy this outfit. It was so comfy, but still looked glam. Ladies, sweatshirts can be fashionable as long as you still do your hair/make-up for the day! Simple look yet it’s put together.








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