poi: beyoncé

Let’s talk about the queen of music, Beyoncé. Yesterday for my Pinterest outfit challenge I dressed just like her! I found a pic of her when I searched for leather leggings & denim vest outfits. It was too perfect, from the bowler hat to the sunnies. I just knew this was the outfit I had to recreate. I pretty much did a spot on version of it too. I posted it on my Instgram & my best friend Micah who is obsessed with Beyoncé was like you’re missing you’re Jay. Haha I am… Where is my Jay-z to this Beyoncé?!? If you know of a man for this single lady let me know! Cause I need a ring put on it! Just kidding, I’m married to fashion basically. Anyway, I loved dressing like miss bootylicious herself yesterday. I definitely felt like a rock star.










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