poi: all black

Let’s talk about gettin back on my game! Yesterday I DID wear a Pinterest inspired outfit, yay me! And of course I chose an all black copycat ensemble, but it did take me out of my comfort zone! I really wanted to wear a dress cause I was sick of leggings & a beanie because it was no wash hair day. So I looked up pins & found this one!


It was basically what I wanted so I went for it! I had the tights, the dress, a similar boot & jacket, & even the identical beanie. The kicker? I never ever ever ever EVER wear my beanie like this! I cringed at the thought of even trying it out too! But I loved this outfit so I did it. I wore my beanie slouch & ya know what? I totally loved it!! I’m not saying I’ll wear it like this again, but it worked for this outfit. Something as simple as wearing your beanie a different way can be a great challenge, but it’s worth it to try out. Moral of the story? Ladies, don’t not wear something because you don’t like it at first. Sometimes your eyes can trick you or it works for a particular outfit. Just try it. It’s only for one day anyway.









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