elephants & headbands

Let’s talk about my most favorite animal ever, elephants! I love monkeys too, but elephants have been on my mind lately. I saw one at the zoo a few weeks back & I wanted to pet it. They’re so beautiful & big! I love em. I’ll even wear em. This last summer I saw a top at Forever 21 with elephants all over it & I couldn’t stop myself from buying it! Then a few months after that I was shopping once again at Forever & my friend Mia, who worked there at the time, showed me a pair of leggings with the same elephant print all over them. I died right there. I bought those things so fast & couldn’t wait to pair the two pieces together to create a jumpsuit look! Yesterday I practiced that look & styled it with a waterfall cardigan & leather turban headband. Jumpsuits are hard to fit into for a wide hipped big bootied girl like myself. So tricking the eye by wearing two matching pieces totally let’s me wear the style & feel good doing it. Yesterday, I felt pretty too. That was my main goal for the day, to feel pretty. Lately my outfits seem to be rough & tough & edgy. Which is fine & I love that look, but I wanted a more feminine look & my fake elephant jumpsuit helped me get there! What animal “prints” are you brave enough to wear? Leave me a comment below!










Top; F21 Leggings; F21 Booties; Kohl’s Cardigan; Kohl’s Necklace; F21 Headband; Monroe & Harlow


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