stripes & beanies

Let’s talk about my most favorite things to wear lately. If you follow my Instagram account (@fash_byabb), then you know I post my outfit pictures every single day & you’ve probably noticed what my daily look has become. It’s black! All black, all the time! I don’t know why, but I just can’t stop wearing it. Sometimes, I’ll start out wearing lighter clothes & I’ll always end with a mostly black outfit. Yesterday was no different. Black leggings, black beanie, black boots, black hoodie, see all black! I can’t stop myself! It’s fashion madness! But I can tell you that I am trying to change my style into a more classic look. I’ve recently been following this blogger, Karissa Estrada over at & on Instagram, @karissamarie. She wears pretty much all black too but she does it with such stylish & classic pieces & I envy it so much! Check her out guys, you’ll love her look. Spoiler, she’s only 19 too! I’m blown away by her style lately & I can’t get enough outfit inspiration from her. But until I restyle my closet piece by piece, here’s my grunge rocker look that I’ve been rockin for weeks now.









Beanie; H&M Hoodie; H&M Bag; Ross Booties; Sears Tee; Plato’s Closet Vest; F21 Leggings; Hello Apparel

p.s. I am loving using my Canon to take my outfit pictures again. My most favorite part about doing it is the outfit details! They turn out so good this way! Hope you’re enjoying it as well!

— abbey kay


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