geometric & rose

Let’s talk about my one & only New Years resolution if you must call it something. I’ve been blogging now for about a year & a half & my style in clothes & writing has changed quite a bit. I used to basically post just how to wear certain trends in an array of outfit options. Now I posts my outfits, outfit tips, & little bits of beauty & things about myself. I used to also only post pictures that I took using my Canon T2i rebel camera, but I felt that the process of getting my camera & my tripod out plus taking pics plus uploading said pics onto my laptop plus transferring those pictures onto my phone was a huge & long process. I traded that route in for just snapping outfit pics with my iPhone. But I always envied those fashion bloggers who had flawless pictures with different angles & views that were crystal clear that you can only get with a professional camera lens. Let’s face it, a professional camera lens is always better than a cell phone camera lens. So I’m vowing to do my best to start taking my outfit pictures with my Canon again. I did this yesterday & the results were already better than I could hope for! I took half on self timer & my brother took half just for fun. Taking your own outfit pictures with a tripod & gear can be a big fiasco, but it’s also fun, adventurous, & the random “accident” shots can turn out so artsy! I’m looking forward to this commitment I’ve made!






Top; Love Culture Jeans; Old Navy Booties; Burlington Coat Factory Necklace; Swallow’s Heart


p.s. I am loving my new wooden geometric necklace from the lovely Meghan over at Swallow’s Heart. Check out this necklace & other handmade jewelry over on her etsy page. It’s the cutest stuff ever, I love it!

— abbey kay


2 responses to “geometric & rose”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    I started following you in Instagram recently and love seeing your outfits every day!! Always so pretty!!

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Aww thank you so much!! I appreciate that a lot!! (:

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