metallic & peplums

Let’s talk about my New Year’s Eve outfit. I didn’t end up going out. My brother & I stayed in eating wings & watching movies & I was perfectly okay with that. But I still wanted to dress like the rest, all glitz & glam! A few weeks ago I bought a pair of metallic leggings online from Forever 21 & figures yesterday was the best day to try them out. They’re so stretchy & comfortable. I wore them with another Forever 21 piece, a black & white peplum top with a bow detailed waist. I love this shirt, but I haven’t worn it since that year on Christmas Eve. Sometimes peplums are hard for me to wear because I have wide hips & the shape makes them look even wider. But yesterday I chose not to care since I was just staying home all day anyway. I paired the whole get up with my favorite suede black booties that I cannot stop wearing! The outfit was exactly what I would have worn had I gone out for some New Year’s Eve “fun”. I’m not the going out type of girl, & I’m perfectly content with that. Hope you all spent last night the exact way you wanted too, I sure did. Movies & wings for life!







Happy New Year readers! I am so so grateful for all of you out there checking my posts! Without you, I’d have no need to do any of this. I appreciate you guys so much! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

— abbey kay


One response to “metallic & peplums”

  1. LFFL Avatar

    What a cute top!

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