floral kimono

Let’s talk about my new floral kimono that I just wore yesterday! A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that both men & women have been known to use. Best way to describe it is that it basically looks like a fashionable robe. It’s honestly the cutest ever & I couldn’t resist buying it when I saw it online at hm.com. It’s cotton & it’s comfy & I can’t wait to wear it a million zillion more times! I wore it with a black monochromatic underlie so that the rosey hues would really pop! And I definetly think that it did!



My family celebrated Christmas on Thursday because we traveled to see some family friends. They have a tradition where they pick a country every year & learn about how they celebrate Christmas there. This year was Australia & it’s summer during their Christmas so we were supposed to dress for a luau. But it’s cold here so I opted for a floral piece with some layers & I think it worked perfectly! I’ve had such a great Christmas season so far & I’m so blessed to be able to be spending it with some of my most favorite people who are the most kind & generous folks I know. Hope y’all had a great Christmas celebrating with family, friends, & loved ones! Here’s to a new year of bigger & better things!


Kimono; H&M Shirt: H&M Leggings; H&M Booties; Kohl’s

— abbey kay


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