poi: green & cream

Let’s talk about another Pinterest outfit inspiration that I created this past weekend! It wasn’t exactly spot on, but it just helps to show you that outfit re-creation doesn’t have to be completely perfect! I just loved the combination of the outfit I saw & wanted to wear something pretty close to it.


As you can see, it’s not completely identical!! It’s a different outer green shirt, which is okay! It’s different style boots, but same color. Somewhat same shirt, but mine has graphic writing in it & I added another tank for extra length. Oh, & the necklaces aren’t exact replicas but the same shape & color! I had all this in my closet & just built my outfit off the inspiration I felt from this outfit I saw on Pinterest. It’s that simple ladies! Try replicating an outfit you’ve seen & loved! Take a pic, upload it, & let me know where it is so I can see it!


Camo Button Up; Kohl’s “Love” Tee; H&M Grey Tank; Target Leggings; H&M Boots; Mall Store Sunglasses; F21 Black Chevron Necklace; Swallow’s Heart


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