pinterest outfit inspiration: cream, white, & black

Let’s talk about another Pinterest outfit inspiration look that I did a few weeks back. Honestly, I’ve been slacking in this segment of my blog because when I commit to wearing some preconceived outfit I tend to get all tense & feel like I’m forced inside an outfit box. Anybody else feel me? Haha, well what I mean is that I normally don’t like limiting the creativity of my outfits like one would when they “copy” another’s outfit. I also feel this way when I’m on vacation & only have a few pieces from my closet, though I create full outfits before I leave, I still stress! Anyways, this outfit I loved re-creating & I’ve recently gotten back into wanting to do it more often again! I wore this look to my dad’s surprise birthday dinner that was held at a pizza parlor. This outfit was pretty casual, but was also dressy enough to make the party feel upscaled. Not to mention it was so so comfy! I changed the look a bit because I didn’t have an identical sweater but the colors were a match! Everything else was pretty similar. I had all this in my closet & it’s pretty simple pieces to pull together. Wanna know something funny? I’m actually wearing this white tee backwards! It has a design on the front & it was my only white tee long enough to wear with my leather leggings so I flipped it around & wore it! Can’t even tell! This is my favorite oversized cardigan & necklace right now. I just love how the colors look together in this outfit. I normally would have just worn a black tee but the white looks so fresh & just pops. Currently in search of the perfect oversized white tee for all my future black & cream outfits!





Aztec Sweater; Burlington Coat Factort White Tee; F21 Leather Leggings; Ross Moto Booties; Ross Fringe Necklace; F21


My dad was totally surprised & loved getting to celebrate him for the night with all our family & friends!


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