gold & triangles

Let’s talk about my most favorite thing lately, the color gold! I don’t know where the liking came from but I AM OBSESSED! I just want gold colored things, all the gold colored shimmery things which is sooo not me. I used to hate gold things, like jewelry & such. But of course I’m always changing what I like/wear so I was bound to fall in love with gold eventually, right? Well I did, & I hope it doesn’t go away soon! It’s started with some Gold studded things then moved to gold jewelry & it’s landed on shimmery gold prints & shoes!! Yes, shoes. But those are a birthday gift so shhh, I’ll share more on those later! Anyway, I saw these leggings in Forever 21 on Black Friday & was like nooo waaayyy, I have to have these! So they became mine for only 10 bucks! They remind me of pizza. I love pizza. So pizza looking triangle leggings must be a good thing I told myself! They went great with another purchase of the day, this maroon oversized crew neck, & my Moto booties, black beanie, & gold fringe necklace also from Forever 21. I wore this outfit to church & yes scared off all the boys while doing it. Success!





***sorry for the somewhat blurry pics

Maroon Crew Neck; F21 Leggings; F21 Boots; Ross Beanie; H&M Necklace; F21


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