diy matte nails

Let’s talk about matte nails! They’re definitely the latest trend when it comes to manicures because let’s face it, no shine is awesome for some reason! Well I’ve been crushing hard over this look for a few months now but had no desire to have to trade in & start over on my nail polish collection that I’ve acquired over the years of girl teen-hood. I searched & looked & wanted to find any other way than spending $30 (yes 30 buckaroos!!) on a matte top coat. I mean, what if it didn’t even work!?! That’s like two shirt purchases that I could have potentially made but instead blown on a failed nail make-over mission. But lucky for me because Google came to my rescue & I found a DIY for matte nails & it’s so easy & cheap & you can use any nail polish you currently have!!! The secret, CORN STARCH BABY!!! Whaattt?!? I know, it’s crazy. Here’s how…


What ya need:

Corn Starch

Paper plate


Your choice of nail polish (any color, any brand)

Step 1:

Poor small amount of nail polish on paper plate next to small amount of corn starch.


Step 2:

Slowly mix the corn starch & the nail polish together with a toothpick. You really only need a little bit of each.


Step 3:

Clean off nail polish applier by scraping excess color on lid of nail polish constainer. Dip in new nail mixture & apply.


*Note: the nail polish concoction will still look shiny, but it dries matte! I promise!!!


And… BOOM! Beautiful matte nails!! I can’t wait to try this in pale pink & white!!
Don’t you just love this trend!?! I do! Only bummer is I might have to go buy a topcoat to make the color last… My nails hate nail polish & chip right away! Except, weirdly the matte color doesn’t “chip” but more like fades away starting at the tip. Pretty weird… But so cool! Happy painting ladies!


2 responses to “diy matte nails”

  1. Avatar

    Love everything DIY. Thanks x

  2. Must Have Boxes Avatar
    Must Have Boxes

    Matte nails are the best! Great tip.

    – KW

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