21 things about me

Let’s talk about ME! In exactly 21 days I will be turning 21! Yay! So I thought it would be fun to tell you all a little bit about myself with 21 new facts! So here we go!


1. For starters, I love saying “donut” instead of “do not”. It’s just so witty & funny & I love it & it cracks me up.

3. I’m hardly ever serious. Unless I’m being serious, then I’m serious.

2. I love donuts because they’re delicious & sugary & fried & what’s not to love about that!

3. I put ketchup on my Mac n Cheese. I really, really do & it is so good!

4. I have a poem published in a book.

5. My brother & his wife are my two favorite people in this entire world, along with my grandpa.

6. I grew up hunting & being outdoors & catching lizards. Now reptiles scare me & I’d rather go shopping then get dirty.

7. My senior year in high school I went an entire semester without wearing one single thing in my closet twice. True story.

8. It was that year that I discovered my love for fashion & outfit building. I still don’t wear the same thing, the same way twice, ever.

9. I only have best friends. And I hate when people tell me I can’t have more than one because that is just simply not true!

10. I have been to 22 states. Landing in the airport totally counts!!!

11. I’ve never been out of the country & I’m terrified that if I do then I’ll get locked out! I’m weird, I know.

12. My favorite band will forever be Relient k. I’ve seen them 4 times since I was 13.

13. My favorite place ever is Atlanta, Georgia.

14. I don’t have a favorite color. It is constantly changing with whatever color I’m currently wanting to wear!

15. My dream job is to be a mommy.

16. I hate large crowds, but I also hate being by myself.

17. I hate my loud laugh, but so many people tend to love it. But it’s horrible! It really is.

18. I love to bake! But I never follow a recipe. Mainly because I hate following rules…

19. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye, though I never finished reading it.

20. I’ve only just recently started listening to the radio & indulging in pop culture & I love it! What can I say, my personal cave was just to cold to handle anymore.

21. I have no desire to drink in 21 days, but I cannot wait to gamble!! And that’s 21 facts about me jack!

Comment below & tell me 3 things about you!! I love else if new things! Fact 22!





2 responses to “21 things about me”

  1. camilleglanzmann Avatar

    1. i am a ginger.
    2.i drink 44oz of mountain dew in one seating.

  2. Cat Rol Avatar

    love this! I actually wrote a list except it’s only “10 things about me” 🙂 http://www.m4rch.com/2013/11/ootd-and-10-things-about-me_24.html?m=0

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