layers & leather

Let’s talk about the best outfit of my week! Yesterday I participated in the #coasttocoastchallenge where the challenge was all things grey! Totally up my alley because lately I love grey, & black, & all things dark. I never know where my outfits are gonna start or where they’re gonna end, but I know when they are complete. I sound like a wisdom giver, which I am not! But possibly a fashion guru.. Anyway, this outfit started with black leggings, then trying on a few of my grey tops. I landed on this deep grey high to low cotton dress & since it was freezing yesterday I needed some sleeves for it! So I layered a maroon crop top over it & I loved the colors & the look. But I wasn’t done there! It needed something more… It needed my leather moto vest & black leather boots! And of course my favorite new necklace from Forever 21! Now it was done & ready for lunch with my mom. See, complete!




The night before I rediscovered a new jacket I bought a month ago but hadn’t worn yet! I’m so glad I found it because I love it & will probably wear it everyday until I wear it out! Hope you have a great weekend ladies! Try layering unexpected things in your closet this weekend. You’ll be surprised how well it works!



Crop Top; F21 Grey High To Low; F21 Leather Vest; F21 Necklace; F21 Leggings; Target Boots; Kohl’s Jacket; Burlington Coat Factory


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