winter wishlist

Let’s talk about my winter wishlist! It’s been freezing cold here in Reno the past few days & I cannot get warm! I love how cozy winter can be, but hate being so cold! To me winter means boots, leggings, knitted scarves, & my birthday!!! In just 4 weeks it will be my birthday & I will be turning 21! Woohoo! Can’t wait because then just 9 days later it will be Christmas! Most people think that it sucks that my birthday is so close to Christmas but I love it! It’s a whole month of celebration & love. So of course, my winter wishlist is one of my favorites because it’s normally the things that I’ll be receiving as gifts! Yes, I pick out my own gifts from people like my parents before & it’s the best thing ever! Lots of my friends laugh at my little tradition but it’s more exciting to me knowing what I’m gonna receive then being surprised. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a control freak but that’s just me! So hopefully I can find these nine items & wrap them under the Christmas/birthday tree from my parents to myself in the next few weeks!


1. Red & Black Checkered Flannel – I’ve been eyeing at one of these for years but haven’t been able to find the perfect one.

2. Striped Beanie – It’s perfect! Why didn’t I think of getting one sooner?

3. Black Suede Booties – Or leather ones! I found some back in August but passed them up & have been so bummed ever since! I’m currently on the find for another pair.

4. No Rest For The Rad. Tee – Who wouldn’t want this tee?

5. Grey Knit Infinity Scarf – I’ve seen em all over lately & I can’t wait to snag one! I think I’m gonna order one from a girl I follow on Instagram, I’ll share if I do!

6. Maroon Beanie – I ❤ beanies. Nuff said.

7. Black & White Striped Dress – Another one of my forever searches, still haven't found the perfect one yet… *sigh

8. BUSY BEE Mug – It’s just the cutest mug ever & I have a complete obsession with them!! So I need this one. Okay, want but still.

9. Black Tote Bag – Love the shape, love the color, love it all. Doubt I’ll buy a designer one though. I’m constantly changing my style & mind so I like the quick & cheap method. Classic, right?

What’s on your wishlist this holiday season? Are there any other Christmas babies out there?

***All pictures are from Pinterest


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