loafer love

Let’s talk about loafers! Loafers, also known as grandma’s shoes, have made a comeback & they are to die for! They’re a great alternative to flats & they add an edgy twist to any outfit. I bought my first pair of black studded loafers last year & after that my obsession started! I bought some burgundy ones at Target on sale for 9 bucks & they’re so versatile. I love wearing them with black tights & dresses! My next pair were some mint denim pointed toe loafers I got at Forever 21. Out of all my pairs these are definitely my favorite ones! They’re just so cute & they go with everything from jeans to leggings, to dresses, & rompers. I love the classy look of loafers & all the styles & shapes that they come in! Pick up a pair & try them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed! They are perfect for fall!








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