big city & dreams

Let’s talk about my new shirt! Last week I hit up one of my favorite stores ever, Forever 21 of course! I just went to browse, but totally came away with so many scores & steals! The first thing I spotted and picked up was a black muscle tank with a floral graphic of “New York City” on it. I looked at it & at first was like noo, I won’t wear that. But then I fell in love with the unique floral pattern & I just loved how it looked on the black. It was only 6 bucks so I decided to try it on & I loved it! So I got it. I’ve never been to the Big Apple before, but I for sure want to go sometime in my life. I love getting things that say different cities on them, it’s just so silly & cute to me. I bought this mug that says Chicago on it the other day just because I wanna go there someday & the mug was nice & big. It’s just a thing that I like to do. I wish to live in a bigger city one day where fashion is more important than where I live. It’s my dream to move to Chicago, Atlanta, or LA. Maybe that’s why I admire tourist like souvenirs… Haha. Anyway, this shirt went perfect with my black & white striped leggings, my acid washed denim shirt, & my black beanie. I would totally wear this entire look while touring NYC one day…or on my moving day!






NYC Tank; F21 Black Beanie; H&M Striped Leggings; Burlington Coat Factory Denim Shirt; Kohl’s Black Booties; Ross


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