san francisco & laziness

Let’s talk about being lazy after going on vacation. I’m horrible, so horrible at getting back into the swing of things after going out of town. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the unpacking bit. I unpack my entire suitcase within 10 minutes of walking through the door. It’s just the whole routine of things. I love adventures & spontaneity, but I hate being out of my own personal routine. So I should have shared these pics with you days ago, but like I said I’m slow after returning home from a trip. So you get them now, a week after I left for a family weekend in Cali. If you saw my post earlier this week then you know I went to my cousins wedding near San Jose last Saturday. And today is all about last Sunday! Lazy, I know. Well Sunday morning we had breakfast at the most delicious place ever called Scramblz. Omg, best breakfast food place I have ever been too! Hands down. After eating an amazing trio of chorizo & eggs, hash browns, & a cream cheese cinnamon roll my family & I headed to the bay to get some authentic sea food!

Long story short, we went to Pier 39, had some “local” adventurous coffee, took pics by the ocean, watched some sea lions wrestle, ate some calamari, did some touristy shopping, ya know, the usual stuff ya do when one travels to San Francisco Bay. We had a blast. It was fun. And my outfit rocked. My sister in law & I basically dressed in opposites colors & looked like twins of course. And we bought your basic tourist “san fransisco” mugs. We’re obsessed with mugs! It was a nice getaway trip, but I’m glad to be home. And hopefully by next week, I’ll be back into my regular routine!


And here’s my outfit! I love dressing “trendy” whenever I go into a coooool city. Haha just kidding, but what the city wears definitely goes through my mind as I pack. I ended up layering like crazy because you never know what the ocean breeze will feel like. So I ended up with a basic maroon tee, some black leggings, a faded grey hoodie, a black Jean vest, a sheer black & white striped scarf, leather boots, & to top it off, literally, my most favorite leather headband that I ordered from the most fabulous shop, Monroe & Harlow. I love this lady & her products! Please go check it out! PS, they make mama & baby headband sets! So adorable!


Maroon Tee; H&M Leggings; Target Scarf; H&M Boots; Kohl’s Vest; Burlington Coat Factory Hoodie; H&M Leather Headband; Monroe & Harlow

And I almost forgot! My mug, I love it! And hope you guys get to go on a weekend adventure very soon! Buy tourist mugs, they’re cute!



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