elements & balance

Let’s talk about the perfect combination of elements in an outfit. Yesterday I created an awesome outfit that balanced out so well. The colors, textures, and cuts were just so perfect. I started with a grey & black raglan cotton dress & had no idea where to go from there. I didn’t wanna wear tights or plain black leggings, I needed something pizzaz-able to go with this dress. Somehow I came up with the thought to wear it with some tribal leggings that have leather detailing & my new red, white, & black patterned scarf tied as a bandana. It was perfect! Black leather boots were a must with this so I made it happen. This was definitely the cutest outfit on my street yesterday for sure! Haha, just kidding. But I’m sure it was!



Before I landed on these leggings I had on some other tribal leggings, without the leather sides, & it looked bad! It was just too much pattern that clashed with the scarf. It’s funny how each element of an outfit really does make or break a look. Imagine this outfit without the scarf? Wouldn’t look right. Shorter black boots? Just wouldn’t work. Balancing out your outfit is key to making it a signature look.



Dress; Forever 21 Scarf; San Francisco Shop Leggings; Ross Boots; Kohl’s


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