winter whites

Let’s talk about winter whites! What reminds you of winter? Snow, of course! And snow is white so it totally makes sense to wear white in the winter. Duh! I normally don’t feel like I can pull off an all white monochromatic outfit or keep it clean all day long. Such pressure! I don’t own white pants, though I almost bought a pair once, & white tights/leggings remind me of bird legs. So how can it be done? Like this! I did it, well almost did it. I wore a basically all white outfit & it just flowed so nicely together. White is such a statement & you have to be brave to wear a bunch of it together. But I somehow pulled it off & loved how it turned out. I may just go purchase a pair of what pants after all!





White Dress | H&M White Sweater | F21 Knit Tights | Kohl’s White Scarf | San Francisco Store Socks | Target Tan Booties | Burlington Coat Factory


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