pinterest outfit inspiration

Let’s talk about Pinterest outfit inspiration for a bit. We all do it. It’s the latest trend. We all go on Pinterest to find the coolest how to’s, DIY projects, & quick tips on how to make our live’s easier. We all get inspired by “pinning” and passing around ideas via walls & boards. I love using Pinterest for quick inspiration, especially when I’m drawing a blank in the wardrobe area. I love inspiration in general but especially in the outfit sense! It’s honestly the only way I use Pinterest. I just recently started going on there more often again & started pinning like madness. I’ve organized my walls into things categories such as “things I want”, “things I adore”, “things I wear”. It’s all divided by categories of “things” since basically that’s what life is made up of, things. One of my newer walls is called “things I want to wear” & it’s my Pinterest outfit inspiration board, or POI. On there I have been pinning outfits that I see on Pinterest that I am in awe of & would love to try & wear. Basically outfits that I wish I had come up with on my own but sadly hadn’t. We all have had those ah-ha fashion moments where we say to ourselves, now why didn’t I think of that! Well, I’m taking those moments of mine & gonna be sharing them with you here. I’ll show you how simple it is to re-create an outfit you see & like with pieces pulled straight from your own closet. Inspiration can be found everywhere & that’s the main reason why I share my outfits with you. I hope that what you see/read on here can help you walk away feeling inspired to head into your own closet (& some stores) & create wonderful outfits that make you feel great about yourself. So here we go!

Warning: This particular outfit that I came up with just happened to almost basically be the same exact one as the original inspiration outfit. It’s not always so spot on like this, but I just randomly happened to have all these pieces in my closet. For one, cause they’re cute & two because they’re such simple pieces that every girl should have in their wardrobe!


And ta-da! Here’s the results! I even posed the same, lol! I saw the outfit on the right & simply fell in love! The stripes, the floral crown, the sweater, it was all too perfect! Now why didn’t I think of this!? Sure, I’ve worn pretty similar things to this, but that rosey colored crown paired with the mustard colored sweater & the accent of black & white stripes WITH the tan Chelsea booties was just literal perfection in my eyes. Too perfectly put together in my book. Maybe the autumn background is what really sold me… I’m a sucker for changing leaves. But when I saw this outfit I couldn’t help but not want to re-create it. And yes, lucky me had very similar pieces in my closet already. Even down to the headband, sort of! I’m still looking for (or wanting to make) an actually floral crown but my floral headband did the trick nonetheless. Such simplicity, but, dare I say it again, such perfection! I’m literally dying over this outfit that I wore yesterday & I’m currently wearing my pajamas right now! That’s saying something about some major outfit inspiration ladies!





Be sure to follow my Pinterest account & re-pin your little hearts outs! Also, let me know if there any outfits that you guys would like me to help you re-create as well! Have a great Thursday gals!


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