weekend packing tips

Let’s talk about packing for a weekend trip. I don’t go on many quick little trips, wish I did though! Most my trips are week to weeks to month long adventures. When I go somewhere I like to go & stay awhile. But weekends freak me out! It’s only 2-3 days & how the heck do you know what the weather is really gonna be like or what you’re gonna wanna wear 36 hours from now!?! It’s very stressful. I always overpack for weekend travels. ALWAYS. My process is more of I know I wanna wear this one thing but then I over pack accessories & other possible things that could go with it. It’s bad. I probably packed enough for four or five days and I only really need two outfits for this weekend. An outfit for my cousins wedding tomorrow & an outfit to explore San Francisco with the fam on Sunday. But I packed something like 5 shirts, a skirt, a dress, 2 sweatshirts, 1 jacket, 1 sweater, a Jean vest, two headbands & a beanie. I’m insane but I want to be able to work my mood into my outfit on the day I wear it. Overpacking may freak some people out but under packing stresses me the stress out! I wish I could take my whole closet with me everywhere I went! But I can’t… Stay tuned to see what I create with my mini closet on the road! Hopefully it turns out good & I don’t regret leaving something behind!

Here’s some packing tips!

1. Bring extra socks! Cute ones of course, you never know what little thing your outfit may need to make it just be perfect & better than okay. (I’m talking long socks that peek out of boots ladies.)

2. Bring a layering hoodie. You never know, it could rain, or be windy & you may need some extra warmth.

3. Bring a vest! They always add so much to outfits. You may hate your outfit then throw on a vest & love it! Trust me, they work wonders.

4. Bring multiple shirts that will go with multiple bottoms. If all your pieces can’t go with each other then ditch em & leave em at home.

5. Bring more than one pair of shoes!!! Even if it is just a weekend trip, so many things can I wrong! Shoes get wet, shoes/laces break, feet hurt!! Extra shoes are a must ladies.

6. Satchels. Always use a satchel for road trips, way easier than your heavy everyday purse. Hands free is best for sight seeing & fun!

7. Bring a new hat, or a beanie, or a headband. You’re in a new city girl, wear something you wouldn’t dare be seen in back home! Test it out, not like you’ll see anyone you know that will give you mean eyes for stepping out of your fashion comfort zone.



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